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Silvergreen Bryum Moss

Bryum argenteum
Bryum argenteum
Did you know that… ?
  • …Bryum moss belongs among spore-bearing plants, whose lifecycle is dominated by the sexual gametophyte stage, over the asexual sporophyte stage?
  • …Bryum moss is the most common moss found on golf courses?
  • …silvergreen Bryum moss is commercially used as a decoration in bonsai arrangements?
  • …Bryum moss can spread vegetatively, by breaking off branches?
  • …the species Bryum veronense is sometimes included in Bryum argenteum, but is distinguished by green pointed leaves and completely smooth rhizoid?


Bryum argenteum by Malcolm Storey - image is under CC BY-NC-SA
General info
Phylum: Bryophyta
Class: Bryopsida
Order: Bryales
Size: 1-2 cm
Habitat: roofs, sidewalks
Distribution: cosmopolitan
Relationship with humans: neutral

Diminutive dioecious moss, comprising light green to silvery white shiny cushions, found from lowlands to foothills. More common in lower elevations, it grows on walls, cliffs, near paths, dumpsites and other places with high nitrogen content. It is rare only in the highest elevations. Bryum moss is a loyal companion of humans, in villages as well as cities. It is often found on roofs, balconies, paved walkways in playgrounds and city squares, lawns and roadsides. It is very resistant to damage from being walked on. Bryum moss is quite variable in appearance due to its wide range of habitats. For instance, noteworthy is the variability in length of the upper transparent part of the leaf.